When feedback comes quickly

This week I launched my 3rd project in 2016, Klart.co. Instead of building a bunch of features, this time I wanted to get it out there quickly. I figured that people would tell me what’s missing when they use it.

What do you think happened? Well, it didn’t take long before I understood that manually refreshing the snaps page after taking a snapshot wasn’t working out. I jumped at it right away and implemented a realtime snaps page using socket.io. It didn’t take long and it’s a feature that people actually requested 🎉. I must also say I’m impressed by how easy it was to implement socket.io in a Node app, just plug it in basically.

What have I learned? Make something simple and make it work good. You will notice if something is missing and then you can go and make it.
Here’s a GIF of the new snaps page using socket.io

Snaps page with Socket.io