Tools and creativity

We have a tool for everything. Whatever you want to do, there's a big chance that a tool has been specifically developed for your task. A popular saying is that you should use the right tool for the job, but how does this affect our creativity?

Imagine yourself trapped inside a glassbox. Now, if you could use whatever tool you want in the world. How would you get out? One option would be to get a glass cutter and get out, done deal.

What if you had just a notebook and a pen, how would you get out? No one has developed a solution for you, you have to think it out yourself.

If you're like me, you're thinking more about the second situation. Why? Probably since there's no clear way of doing it, as in the first situation, where you can just pick the tool for the job.

Take your time and allow yourself to be creative. Sometimes the right tool is the wrong way.