Things I miss about math

For as long as I can remember I’ve always had a love/hate-relationship with math. It has always been one of the subjects I enjoyed most in school, ever since I was 7 (I think?). When I was little, I think I liked it because it was somewhat objective, if you answer a question correctly, you get a point. There was no teacher there to judge you depending on who you were or whatever.

But apart from judging teachers and whining students I think the biggest reason I love math is that it can be hard, really hard sometimes. Moving on to university, math just got harder and harder and more and more fun. Then it just, stopped. About 5 months ago I took my last math exam, at least the last mandatory class in my Computer Science program. The feeling? I don’t know, it just feels weird. My time studying used to be consumed by math and what now?

I think I’ve found my new math in building stuff. I’m at my third project in 2016 and I’m loving it. Although, sometimes I miss those times in the library, with just a book, a paper and unlimited amounts of frustration.