The bloated Internet

Pretty much everyone is doing content marketing nowadays. This is a good thing right? Organic growth, less ugly ads and more information on the internet, everybody wins? Not really.

For me, one of the biggest pros of content marketing is the reduce of ugly ads and the fact that there is more content available for me to access. There is a lot of high quality content out there but there is also a problem.

The problem is that everyone that does content marketing is not putting an effort into the content. So What? Well, picture yourself all this content pushed to the web with the only objective to attract traffic at a low cost. People will start doing derivate works upon derivative works just to push out a lot of content. This will bloat the web so when you're reading an article it will just be some 10 minute derivative work of another 10 minute derivative. Is that really what we want to be reading? I don't.

Let's keep doing content marketing and put some effort into it.