Moving Away From Medium

About three months ago I decided to move my blog to Medium. The platform just seemed so promising. All the nice words about it, the increased reach and engagement for your posts and all that. Yes, Medium is just as good as most people say. It's a great place to write, it has good analytics and it increases number of reads. It's been great. But I always felt one thing was missing, and that is, having my own space online. My own personal website, like in the 90s with blinking text and pictures of hockey players or whatever.

Now, this page doesn't have blinking text, but if I wanted it, I could make it. All my posts are written in standard markdown so it's very easy for me to render pretty much anything. I own this space, it will never shut down, be acquired or whatever. It's all up to me, and that's what I love about the web.

Realizing this, I also decided what to do next on, and that is to make it dead simple to move to your own space, whenever you want to. I'm not sure what's the best way yet, and I'll love your input. Let's talk about it on Twitter @drikerf.