Free Trials on

Posting to Hacker News and being featured on Product Hunt has given me tons of great feedback, both on mail and in comment fields. One of the most frequent suggestions was that I should have a free trial. As I want to make the service as good as possible for paying users, I didn’t provide a free trial since that might not make the service as fast as I want it. But times are changing.

A lot of stuff have happened since then. I’ve made some optimization on the Klart platform and are now ready for free trials for everyone. I’ve also added support for tags in the web app and chrome extension so you can organize your snaps with ease. Trials are implemented using Stripe so you can sign up as usual, and you wont be billed unless you let your subscription renew after 14 days (it’s easy to unsubscribe, just hit the cancel button).

So head over to and sign up to try it for free 😺.