Boards for Everyone

Boards for Everyone

I recently wrote a blog post about creating collaboration features on, a bookmarking tool for designers, to make it awesome for teams. As a consequence to this, one of the things I made was boards. Boards are, in short, another level of organization for your snaps (bookmarks + screenshots). After getting some awesome feedback I decided to make this feature available for the individual plan as well since it makes a lot of sense to me.

šŸ‘‹ Boards

The board I use for
At a high level, boards are similar to folders. You can create one for a project, ie "Design Inspiration". Now you can save snaps into that folder and instead of tagging "design inspiration, landing page, gradient" you could just do "landing page, gradient", since it's already categorized as design inspiration šŸ¤— .

Apart from this you're also able to delete a board and all it's snaps with just a click when you're done with it. Pretty neat.

This also opens up for more collaborative features such as public and shared boards. The latter being available for teams already. (And I'm actually using a public board for Pixels šŸ™Š).

Let me know what you think, say Hi! on Twitter @drikerf.